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Tar and Glue Remover from Armarox.com, is a great product to have in your garage. It is a 450ml aerosol can that is convenient to store and a must have addition for any car wash, motor trader or car detailer.

The Tar and Glue Remover restores the glossy appearances of surfaces by dissolving certain types of stains. It works especially well on the likes of asphalt, bitumen, oil marks and dirt built up over time. This cheap Tar and Glue Remover will work wonders decontaminating and glazing to give a smooth and clear result.

This product does not contain Kerosene so should not damage paint film or glass surfaces. Further more the bright pink recognisable bottle will stand out against the many aerosol cans in your “collection”, making it easy to find and quick to hand.

Armarox stock and sell a great range of products for the automotive industry. We can’t list all of our product range on our website, so please e-mail us or contact us direct if there is something you require not listed here.

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